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Midnite Pulse

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I lied when I said waiting was fine.

I had to get over her.

But I couldn’t ever forget her.

She made my heart run for the first time.

Instead of moving forward,

I constantly keep on moving backwards.

Will this ever end…

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Eyes that have buried me deeply in sorrow, carry me yet to the light of your smile, that though the heart can beat to a melody of love. guide me o’ misfortune, that I may seek my one and only lady of the night…

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Letting Go

The Hardest part of holding on, is letting it all go…

What was once your one source of happiness may be the reason for your undoing. Don’t let the fear of being down and out keep you from doing what your heart tells you is right. You may say to everyone that you’re doing fine, but believe me, it takes a lifetime to get over the feelings.

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Missing out.

Don’t take for granted the things that are important to you. Love them as they love you, cherish every moment you spend with them. and lastly end it all with a smile…

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she’s trying her very best to hide her sadness 
— Little Story of Hers (via adriantotumblr)

(Source: adriandematin)



The sad thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you, only to find out in the end that it was never meant to be and you just have to let it go.



There will always be a 99% doubt in all of us, and only 1% belief, Take a leap of faith… you might end up empty handed, you might end up happy, but the truth is, you’ll never have to live your life asking yourself… What If.

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